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Home Grooming / Consultations

If it's difficult to find the time to grab the carriers and make the trek, you have anxious birds, or simply want a more convenient option: Sir Willy's offers in home appointments to simplify the experience. We understand the grooming process can be stressful for our feathered friends, let us make it a little easier by coming to your home. If you are in Western Washington and need a parrot groomer, contact us today!

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Home Grooming 411

Depending on your bird's age, health and personal needs, grooming frequency can vary. Regardless of the timeline, we are there to give your bird the TLC they deserve. If you like what we do, ask about maintaining a regular grooming schedule!

SMALL BIRDS: $15/bird

MEDIUM BIRDS: $25/bird

LARGE BIRDS: $30/bird

Travel Fee will be added to total grooming charges depending on mileage/ distance traveled.

Minimum Fee for an In-Home Grooming appointment is $50


If you have questions or would like a quote, contact us today!


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